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Sell Fearless

An entirely new way to sell your car.

How to sell fearless
  • Best price, guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed sale within 30 days.
    If no-one else buys your car in 30 days, we buy it from you.
  • We do the paperwork for you. And handover.
    Leave the paperwork and the key handover to us. We deliver.

Customer Reviews:

Hero who sells
It takes
minutes to
book your free
Lego dude

Here’s what happens next

1. Free Vehicle Inspection

Our certified mechanics inspect every vehicle before it becomes a Carzoos vehicle. It takes around 30 minutes for your inspection and after that, you’re free to keep driving your car until it’s sold. Vehicles that are under 10 years old, have travelled less than 150,000kms and are in roadworthy condition are most desirable.

Coverage area

2. Sell my car, carzoos!

After your inspection you can sell in a couple of different ways. It’s all too easy.

Sell to Carzoos

We auction your car for you

All vehicles considered.

Fees: $0

We inspect and photograph your vehicle and auction it to a national dealership network, our national auction house, and a network of industry buyers over 24 hours. We’re tapped into a hungry national network and our cutting-edge auction technology lets them bid for your vehicle.

It doesn’t cost you a thing. Instead, we get paid a ‘finders fee’ by the buyer for giving them a ‘heads-up’ on your car.

Sell with Carzoos

We sell your car for you

For vehicles aged 6 years or younger
with less than 100,000 kms.
Subject to totally nitpicky inspection.

Fees: 8.5% of sale price
min. fee $695, max. fee $1,995

We wash, vacuum and photograph your vehicle and list it for sale to the nation on Carzoos.com.au. We take care of the enquiries and tyre-kickers. We can also help you reach other online marketplaces if you’re interested.

Your car is guaranteed to sell. If no-one buys your car, we guarantee to buy it from you for an agreed price.

We do all the work for you and handle the paperwork, buyer payment and vehicle delivery. You don’t need to do a thing!


3. Vehicle Handover

Simply drop your vehicle off at a Carzoos store. We do all the paperwork. You get paid and we handle it from here. Too easy.

It takes
minutes to
book your free
Lego dude

This sounds too good to be true

We get that a lot. We can assure this is very real and very good.

Carzoos has reinvented car buying and selling. We’ve made it possible to buy and sell cars without fear. We’re proudly owned by AP Eagers, Australia’s oldest listed automotive retail group. 100 years old and Australian founded and owned.

Watch How Carzoos Works if you’d like to know a little more about us.

Better still, book a free no-strings-attached inspection and see for yourself!