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  • Best price, guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed sale within 30 days.
    If no-one else buys your car in 30 days, we buy it from you.
  • We do the paperwork for you. And handover.
    Leave the paperwork and the key handover to us. We deliver.
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You know the saying, ‘if the world gives you lemons, make a car yard’...well, that’s how people in the car business did it. Not on our watch. All our cars have been given a totally nitpicky certified inspection from one of our Carzoos expert mechanics—60% of the cars they inspect actually get rejected.

Not a lemon in sight.

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The way people buy and sell cars hasn’t really changed in 100 years. Until now. Gone are the yards crammed with sheet metal. Gone are the plaid suit wearing, shonky dealers. Gone are the hassle and haggle. Carzoos retail stores are sleek, high-tech and staffed by friendly experts, not pushy dealers. We told you we were an entirely new way to buy and sell used cars.

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