Safety Features 101

Outlander sport savety

Safety is a huge priority for any car purchase, as it should be. However, it can be hard to determine between what you 'need' and what you 'want'. We here at Carzoos HQ have determined what’s important, what’s significant and what’s a bonus when it comes to the safety features on your next car.

What's Important?

Stability Control - This tech is required on most new cars since 2012. Stability control will engage your engine to help combat loss of traction - invaluable on wet and slippery roads. This technology is arguably the biggest safety feature since seat belts.

Airbags + Side Airbags - Almost every car has a standard airbag these days. But having side airbags can be very important. T-bone accidents are quite common, and without a side-air bag, there isn't too much between you and the front of the colliding vehicle.

What's Significant?

Reverse Camera - More and more modern cars (especially bigger utilities/SUV's) come with this increasingly standard feature. Reverse cameras are more than just making sure you don't hit the letterbox as you reverse out. A clear vision of what's behind your wheels can potentially save lives.

Blind spot detection - Your blind spot becomes just a regular spot with this feature. When you’re cruising at 100km/h on the motorway, it's handy to know you have all blind spots covered.

Blind spot detection
Blindspot 3

What's A Bonus Feature?

Tyre pressure monitor - Unfortunately many drivers neglect to routinely check their tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure will significantly reduce the life of your tyres and worn tyres can affect your driving (especially in wet conditions). Simply routinely checking your tyres can negate the need for this feature, but if it's part of the package - all the better.

Advanced airbags - Advanced airbags have the ability to judge the weight and size of the person in the seat and will then adjust its deployment accordingly. This feature can help determine if children are in the front seat etc.