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Fearless F8 Conference - Facebook developers have something for everyone

360 cameras x24 x6

Facebook recently hosted its annual F8 2017 Developer Conference in San Jose, CA and judging from everything we’ve watched and read, the event was a complete hit and bigger than ever.

Over 4,000 people joined in over 50 sessions to learn about updates and changes to the social media platform that nearly two billion people use. The conference covered augmented reality, social virtual reality, Oculus, Facebook Spaces, the monetisation network and the 360 Cameras, just to name a few… phew!

We couldn’t possibly cover all of the amazing innovation, but we are and give you a sticky beak into our favourite bits, and we’ve included a few videos for you to see just how fearless these products and concepts are.

First of all, Zuckerberg’s opening talk, was a winner. Along with all his predictions about augmented reality, user experiences and the revolution of messenger platform, we couldn’t help but crack up at his opening lines, particularly his reference to Fast and the Furious 8, or The Fate of the Furious. He joked that his F8 event was the second biggest event this week with fate in the title. Corny jokes aside, we’re glad Zuck’s staying up-to-date on the latest Fast and the Furious releases.

Another gem worth mentioning is Adam Mosseri’s talk. Moserri heads the Facebook News Feed and discussed in detail how the News Feed works including ranking and the algorithm. He showed us the math behind what we see and when we do on Facebook. He said how people’s consumption of information has changed dramatically over the decades. For example, most people currently read news that is published outside where they live, something that was impossible to do in the past. He said the cost of making news has stayed high, but the cost of distributing news has gone down, creating lots of publishers and access to news. His job at Facebook is to find the diamonds in the rough for each user.

An innovation that absolutely blew us out of the water was the introduction of Facebook Surround 360 cameras. Talk about immersiveness. Facebook’s engineering Director Brian Cabral spoke about the historical trend of taking photos and creating a new medium for photographers. He said today the average person sees at least 300 photos per day, and images are increasingly how we communicate. Last year Facebook created Surround 360, a full stereo system which immersed you in imagery. Now the F24 is giving users even more creative freedom. Watch the video and also check out Cabral’s epic blog post about it!

Here’s just a few more interesting videos from F8.

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