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What Vehicles Do Australians Find Most Attractive?


Find out what vehicles turn heads!

Look at any car advertisement and you'll see that sex appeal plays a huge role in selling a specific make and model. But which colours, brands and body-types do men and women find attractive?

We surveyed 2,000 Australian men and women aged between 18 to 65+ to see their top choices. The findings give us a unique insight into both genders perceptions about different vehicles.

What Colours Stand Out?

Car Colours

For both men and women, the number one colour preference was red. Tim Nicholson, the Managing Editor of Go Auto, an Australian car industry journal, says it doesn’t surprise him.

“Red has been such a popular colour for so long now and I don't think that gender would influence this. The saying 'red goes faster' seems to be universal. Black and blue are also inoffensive and hold wide appeal.”

Women (13%) also found black to be a close second choice with blue, silver, white, yellow and even pink getting mentioned. Men stated that black, green and orange were also attractive colours.

Does the Brand Matter?

Car Brands

There were many different brands listed, however BMW was the winner for both men (9%) and women (8%). As their second choice, Ferrari was also popular with both sexes (men 8.5%, women 6%). For women (5%), Porsche cars were a very close competitor to a Ferrari. As their third preference, men (5%) liked Holden cars.

“Men like driven, confident women that are successful enough to be able to afford a Ferrari and love having fun. Women preferring men to drive a BMW could point to a desire for status and corporate success, but could also relate to women just liking quality German engineering.”

However, the majority of men and women stated that they had no preference with regards to brand, women (43%), men (21%).

When looking at Ford and Holden, it was interesting to find that men preferred Holden and women liked Ford more.

What Body-Types are Appealing?

Different Car Body Types

With luxury cars as the most popular pick for both men (30%) and women (18%), however most women (37%) stated that they have no particular car body or type that they find more attractive than any other. As a third choice, the ever-practical sedan stood out (women 11%). After luxury cars, men stated that they had no particular preference (15%).

A handful of people surveyed had a very specific car that they found attractive. A few men mentioned a 1949 Vanguard Spacemaster, 1971 Ford Pinot. While one woman specified a 1967 Chevy Impala.

For some people, it was more than just the colour, body or brand of a car that would catch their eye. The car had to be clean (35 women, 9 men), safe (1 woman, 2 men), or one that was environmentally friendly or an electric car (7 women, 24 men). Women also stated that a new or modern car was a win (10 women), a family car (3 women), or when the car had been paid off (2 women).

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