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Carzoos Gives Away Laura Geitz's MINI In 'Yeah Baby' Promotion

Carzoos laura geitz mini winner

Last week the Carzoos team gave away Laura Geitz’s almost-new red MINI Cooper.

As former captain of the Australian netball team, we think Laura is fearless in the way she plays, but still really down to earth. Our perfect Carzoos ambassador.

Laura loved her Mini but when she found out she was pregnant she knew she had to upsize her car and so we partnered with her to give her MINI away.

Lauara Geitz’s almost-new MINI Cooper.

Yeah Baby Mini Cooper

We ran a competition where entrants had to guess the No-Haggle price of the car - that is, the absolute lowest price a dealer is able to give someone for the car.

Our No-Haggle prices are just one way we at Carzoos aim to remove the fear from buying a used car.

With over 12,000 entries no one managed to guess the exact No-Haggle price but one entrant was only $1 off!

We told that clever person that she was a finalist and it could be worth her while being at the Carzoos North Lakes Westfield store for the announcement. Little did she know, she was the only person we’d contacted.

Laura came down to North Lakes Westfield to show off her bump, (she was absolutely glowing!) meet some fans and announce the winner of her car.

Laura Geitz announcing the winner of her almost-new MINI Cooper.

Laura Geitz Announcement

It turns out the winner, Bec, a school teacher from the Sunshine Coast was also pregnant! When her name was announced she couldn’t believe it, she was shaking! It was such an exciting moment. We filmed the announcement live and streamed it to the Carzoos Facebook page.

Sunshine Coast school teacher Bec with her almost-new MINI Cooper.

Presenting The Keys

Following the announcement Laura sat down with fans, signed netballs and smiled for photos. Laura said although it was hard to give away her beloved MINI, she knows it’s going to a great home.

Laura Geitz and the Carzoos team.

Carzoos Team And Winner

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. The competition was a huge success and a whole lot of fun. Yeah Baby!