What does your car colour say about you?

Car colour

You can infer a lot about person’s stylistic decisions, particularly when it comes to colour. Some might call it frivolous, but we reckon that everyone has a reason why they like the colours they like. According to American reviewer Consumer Reports, “Thirty to 40 percent of potential buyers will walk away from a car purchase if their first color choice is not offered for that model.”

Let’s address the obvious. Some people choose car colour based on affordability rather than personal opinion. Some paint colours are more expensive and some colours of cars depreciate more than others. Orange and yellow cars depreciate more than green for example, and the colour gold does the worst over time. Check out USA Today’s list of the average three year depreciation by colour.

If you decide on your car colours based on practicality, this is not a blog post for you. What follows is our very “scientific” analysis as to what your car colour selection says about who you are as a person.

Brown: Old trusty brown is a colour that screams “I’m stable, dependable and could care less about what anyone around me thinks”. Please note, with years of neglect and lots of rain your car can achieve this colour regardless.

Yellow: Yellow car drivers are rays of sunshine in everyone’s life! Whip around town bringing joy wherever your vivacious vehicle takes you!

Blue: If your car is blue you likely live a kind life. Your car is a symbol of calm, peace and stability. You are clean, tidy, reliable and a true blue friend.

Purple: A violet vehicle is a classic creative person’s car. But be careful in your magenta maneuvers because the colour purple can also be associated with being a bit pompous.

Green: A green car driver is an honest person who cares a lot about their reputation. As the environmental movement grows worldwide, the colour green is increasingly associated with a left-leaning planet lovers. Consider a low emissions vehicle (with a green coat of paint) to fully realise this identity.

Black: Sensitive, artistic and private, a driver of a black car won’t be revealing any secrets and looking to quietly blend in with the night.

Red: Red car drivers are determined. They live life to the fullest and have the carpe diem motto. They drive fast, they play their music loud and they have fun!

White: If your car is white you are a minimalist, you are clutter-free, smart, sharp and on the ball. You don’t speed, you arrive on time and change your oil every three months.

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