Top five reasons to tint your windows

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The trend of tinting your windows shouldn’t only belong to the rich and famous! Yes, tinted windows have quite the reputation for being too-cool-for-school, but there are also some genuine benefits. Just make sure you know the legal requirements. Like most things, if you get too shady, it can be illegal.

Here are the top five reasons to tint your windows:

Beat the heat!

This is Australia. You might have noticed we are a country full of hot summers with heaps of sunshine. Tinting your windows is an easy way to keep your car cool all year round.

Tinted windows = increased security.

Tinted windows make it harder for potential thieves to see what’s actually in your car, making them less likely to break in. Not only that but when applied the right way, the film on the windows makes them actually harder to break. This is also great for crazy weather or driving near golf courses.

Less cancer!

Not only does it keep things cooler inside, it keeps you healthier on the outside. Skin cancer is a very real danger, and tinted windows reduces the UV rays which cause it. It’s really win win.

Protect your investment.

Tinted windows help protect your car interior from sun damage. And a mint condition upholstery and dashboard will increase your car’s resale value. You’re practically making money!

Save $!

It sounds crazy, but when your car is staying cool (see exhibit 1), you will not need the aircon. When you do not need the aircon, you save money on petrol, and are a little kinder on the planet. What’s not to love about tinted windows?!