Check it! Car tips during Aussie Winter

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It’s no Scandinavia or Canada, here in Australia we don’t have too much struggle when it comes to a cold drive. Queensland doesn’t really worry about snow, but just because you don’t need a windshield scraper and four wheel drive during winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care. From keeping your car sheltered during the winter to checking your fuel and temperature gauges, maintaining a car in the cold season should be a priority, and it’s a little different from summer.

Here are a few quick reminders of things to check in with as you drive around this winter:

Check your tyres:

From the treads to the air pressure, it’s important to make sure your cars are ready for the slippery and even potentially icy roads of July and August. Bad air pressure in your tyres affects your braking distance, so test them out ASAP.

Check your wipers:

Make sure your wipers are in tact and working properly. The winter season means more rain and often unexpectedly. Being on a crowded highway with dodgy wipers is a recipe for disaster.

Check your lights:

Similar story to the wipers, the winter season means less sunlight during hours when people are out and about. A missed indicator light or faint headlight or brake light can be the difference between an accident and safely getting home. Check your lights regularly, winter or summer.

Check your battery:

During colder weather batteries are worse for wear. Your engine needs more energy to start when it’s cold. Especially if you have an older car, it’d be good to probably get a tune up during the autumn season. Remember to handle your battery carefully; here are some guidelines to get you started.

Check your AC:

Another problem with colder conditions is condensation on all your inside windows. A few blasts of dry air from your air conditioner is a great way to clear your vision and improve safety.

Check Yo-self

And last but not least, when you’re driving around in the rainy dark days, don’t forget to check yourself before your wreck yo-self. Stay warm and drive extra safe!