How Our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee Works

If a customer returns a Carzoos vehicle, for any reason, within 7 consecutive days of taking delivery then he/she will be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price provided that both Carzoos and Customer can be returned to the same positions they were in before the vehicle was purchased. Certain matters may impact upon the customer’s right to receive the refund, including:

  • If the vehicle travels more than 500km or sustains any damage or disrepair before it is returned;
  • If the customer does not take delivery of the vehicle within 7 days of being notified that it is ready for delivery;
  • If the refundable amount is not sufficient to discharge any encumbrance granted by the customer and the customer elects not to pay the balance in order to discharge the encumbrance.
  • If there is a related vehicle contract associated with the purchase of the Carzoos vehicle, then Carzoos will not deal with that related vehicle until the refund period has expired or has been waived.

For full terms and conditions of the money-back guarantee, please contact your nearest Carzoos retail store.

Carzoos Warranty

Each Carzoos vehicle is backed by a Carzoos Warranty. The warranty applies to a range of the vehicle’s components. If any warranty repairs are required, the vehicle can be taken to any Carzoos affiliated dealership and/or service centre for those repairs. In order to maintain the warranty, you must have your car serviced with any Carzoos affiliated dealership and/or service centre.

Full terms and conditions of the warranty cover are set out in the Carzoos Warranty Book, a copy of which is available from your nearest Carzoos retail store.

How Our Best Price Guarantee Works

Pending compliance to the below mentioned qualifying conditions, Carzoos will beat any like-for-like, independent, standalone quote or offer on any Customers vehicle from any authorized licensed motor dealer plus give the customer an additional $250 off their vehicle.

Qualifying conditions include:

  • ‘Like-for-like’ means that the provided quote or offer cannot be associated to any part exchange, or a trade-in offer on another vehicle;
  • ‘Authorized licensed motor dealer’ means that the party making the offer is required to be legally registered with a current and active motor dealer license from any State or Territory in Australia. The quote or offer cannot be from a non-licensed motor dealer; for example:  friend, family, or independent 3rd party;
  • The date of the ‘like-for-like, independent, standalone quote or offer’ must be dated no later than seven (7) days preceding the date the quote or offer is presented to Carzoos in accordance with all mentioned qualifying conditions;
  • The kilometers travelled (as per odometer) on the vehicle in question must be no greater then 500 kilometers in addition to the kilometers stated on the ‘like-for-like, independent, standalone quote or offer’ provided;
  • To validate the ‘like-for-like, independent, standalone quote or offer’, Carzoos will require the Owner to provide a copy of the quote or offer to Carzoos to prove the offer is legitimate and complies to the above mentioned qualifying conditions. Carzoos reserves the right to make direct contact with the ‘authorized licensed motor dealer’ to validate the offer.

For full terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee, please contact your nearest Carzoos retail store.

30-Day Purchase Guarantee Disclaimer

  1. Carzoos hereby agrees that it will agree to pay the Owner of the vehicle the agreed 30 Day Purchase Guarantee if the vehicle is not sold prior by Carzoos or any other party provided that;
    1. There is no undisclosed damage to the vehicle;
    2. The vehicle has not travelled more than 1500kms since it was inspected by Carzoos;
    3. Any accessory or product included with the vehicle on initial inspection by Carzoos has not been removed or damaged, otherwise Carzoos may, at its discretion, revalue the vehicle and offer a revised 30 Day Purchase Guarantee.
  2. On the Review Date, the Owner may either accept the 30 Day Purchase Guarantee Price or relist the vehicle on Carzoos for another 30 days subject to an updated inspection, revised 30 Day Purchase Guarantee and Agreed Website List Price;
  3. If the Owner accepts the 30 Day Purchase Guarantee, the Owner will deliver the vehicle to Carzoos if there is no undisclosed damage or encumbrance, Carzoos will retain possession of the vehicle and arrange for payment of the amount of the 30 Day Purchase Guarantee;
  4. The Owner has agreed that no undisclosed damage has been caused to the vehicle or any product between the time of initial inspection by Carzoos and when the vehicle is delivered to Carzoos pursuant to the 30 Day Purchase Guarantee Agreement;
  5. Should the Owner receive an independent standalone written offer from an authorised licensed motor dealer to purchase the vehicle, that is higher than the Carzoos 30 Day Purchase Guarantee Price that is unconditional offer not connected to another vehicle sale, the Owner must provide a copy of the offer to Carzoos who will guarantee to beat that offer; and
  6. The vehicle has been kept in clean and tidy condition and maintained from initial inspection by Carzoos.

For full terms and conditions of the 30-Day Purchase Guarantee please contact your nearest Carzoos retail store.


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