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Privacy Policy

1. Who are “we”?

This policy has been adopted by A.P. Eagers Limited and its subsidiaries, as defined in the Corporations Act 2001.

2. What is “personal information”?

Personal information is defined by privacy laws and may include a person’s name, address, telephone number, contact details, employment details, information associated with products or services supplied by or through us or the financing of those products or services, and similar or associated information.

3. Why do we collect personal information?

3.1 Without your personal information it may not be possible for us to conduct business with you, supply or facilitate the supply of the full range of products and services to you, satisfy your requirements or engage you as an employee, agent or contractor.

3.2 We collect personal information to assist with:

  1. determining your requirements.
  2. providing, facilitating and marketing products and services and providing information about them.
  3. administering the provision, facilitation and marketing of products and services.
  4. improving the range of products and services that we provide or facilitate.
  5. having an ongoing business relationship with you.
  6. complying with any law, court, government or regulatory or administrative body.
  7. the operation of our businesses and those of our franchisors.
  8. monitoring the performance of our websites.
  9. considering or engaging you as an employee, agent or contractor.

3.3 We may use personal information as required or permitted by any law or the National Privacy Principles, for example, to provide you with certain information about products or services including product recalls, even if you have elected not to receive the information.

3.4 We may be required or permitted by law to retain personal information for a period after our relationship has ceased, for example, to satisfy reporting obligations imposed by taxation or other legislation.

4. How do we collect personal information?

4.1 Collection of personal information may take place in a variety of ways, including via:

  1. application forms or contractual or other documentation.
  2. telephone call, face to face meetings and internet, social media and other electronic means.
  3. any means permitted or required by law.

4.2 Personal information may be collected from third parties, for example:

  1. a referral from a customer or another person.
  2. from our related bodies corporate, agents and contractors (including franchisors, insurers, financiers, service providers and suppliers in relation to applications for products or services or the operation of our businesses.
  3. credit, employment or other reference checks.
  4. details from a current or previous employer.

5. Disclosure of personal information

5.1 We may disclose personal information whenever required or permitted by any law, court, government or regulatory or administrative body (such as a police or transport department or taxation office), to our related bodies corporate, agents and contractors (including franchisors, insurers, financiers, service providers and suppliers) for the purposes referred to in this policy or their privacy policies, or where reasonable in the course of providing or facilitating the provision of any product or service.

5.2 We will not disclose personal information to anyone who is not a related body corporate or franchisor, for the express purpose of allowing them to direct market their products or services to you without your consent.

6. Consent

As a general rule, we will seek your consent (express, implied, verbal or otherwise) to our collection, disclosure or use of your personal information. Consent may be implied by conduct, for example, when you enquire about, or ask for assistance in relation to, services or products provided or facilitated by us or our agents or contractors.

7. Keeping personal information up-to-date

We may ask you to advise of any changes to your personal information. You may also ask us to update your personal information.

8. Security of personal information

8.1 We take precautions to reduce the risk of loss, misuse or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of personal information, which may include:

  1. entering into confidentiality agreements or educating persons on our obligations and procedures.
  2. having employees undertake to abide by this policy.
  3. having systems to deal with major business interruptions.
  4. premises security.
  5. practices to limit unauthorised computer access.

8.2 When personal information is no longer required, we will destroy or delete it from our records as required by law.

9 Accessing personal information

9.1 You may request access to personal information we hold about you. A summary of the information is usually available. We may charge a fee for retrieval and supply costs.

9.2 Requests for access will be handled as quickly as reasonably possible but may be denied where required or permitted by law. If denied, we will explain why.

10. Sensitive information

We will only use or disclose sensitive information (as defined in the privacy laws) about you with your consent or as lawfully required or permitted.

11. Contacting us

You may contact us by writing to, telephoning or visiting the appropriate dealership. You may also contact our Privacy Officer at [email protected] or at PO Box 199, Fortitude Valley Qld 4006.