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An entirely new way to buy & sell used cars.

Why buy fearless   Why sell fearless

Before Carzoos, if you wanted to buy or sell a car fearless, you had three options:

  • Walk into the dealership with a Komodo Dragon named ‘Jaws’ (to be honest, one named Colleen would work just as well).
  • Take your dad with you. (This option always worked better if your dad was say, Genghis Khan or another tribal warrior from the Asian Steppe)
  • Achieve such a state of detachment that the concept of fear is the dust below the locust’s feet. (Thing is, you probably now live on a mountain, 217 kms from the nearest road - as the locust flies)
Pic why carzoos

Where the fearless comes from

But Carzoos has created a new option, a way to buy and sell fearless without the need for dangerous reptiles and scary dads. This is the entirely new way to buy and sell used cars.

  • 1
    No lemons

    No lemons. None, never ever.

    Every car we sell has had a totally nitpicky certified inspection. And, we reject 60% of the cars we inspect. You only get the freshest, ripest ones - ok, enough about the fruit.

  • 2
    Calendar with date

    1 year / 175,000km warranty.

    Every one of our cars comes with a 1 year/175,000 km warranty. That’s halfway to the moon, or thereabouts.

  • 3

    7-day money-back guarantee.

    ‘Once around the block’ is for amateurs. With one of our cars, you can drive it, park it and sleep in it if you must for a whole 7 days. If you don’t love it, just hand it back and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked… except maybe ‘uh, is that your pillow in the driver’s seat?

  • 4
    Buyer hungry

    Sellers get guaranteed best price.

    We auction your vehicle to a national dealership network, our national auction house, and a network of industry buyers over 24 hours. We’re tapped into a hungry national network. It doesn’t cost you a thing.

  • 5

    Truly independent financing.

    We’ve partnered with Simplr. because they’re really good at what they do. They’ll get you deals from a range of good lenders not the ones they’re forced to give you.

  • 6
    Car service

    Fixed-price servicing.

    You can have your car serviced at our nationwide network of service agents and you’ll never have to fear the bill afterwords.

  • 7

    12 months free insurance.

    Every Carzoos vehicle arrives with
    12 months insurance.

  • 8

    We're all over the paperwork.

    No one on their deathbed ever said “I wish I had done more paperwork.” Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll do all the paperwork necessary for the change of ownership. You, well you just go ahead and do anything but paperwork.

  • 9
    Yes no

    We believe in life without haggling.

    When we give you a price, it‘s a guaranteed best price. No need for you to get down and dirty. We‘ve seen the future and there‘s no haggling in it.

  • 10
    Smart baby

    New with 100 years experience.

    Carzoos is new but our parent company, AP Eagers has been trusted for over 100 years and is Australia’s oldest listed car retail group.

  • 11

    24/7 roadside assistance.

    All our cars come with 1 year of free around the clock roadside assistance. Who hasn’t locked their keys in the car… ok, I guess it’s just me.

  • 12

    Totally refundable deposit.

    While you’re flirting with your potential new car, you don’t want anyone cutting your grass. No worries, you can take your car off the market for 48 hours by paying a $500 deposit. If you end up not taking it, we refund the full deposit back to you.

  • 13
    Car keys

    Sell privately.

    If you want to sell privately, well we can take the fear out of that too. With Carzoos Private, one of our Carzoos experts will do a totally nitpicky certified inspection, wash it, photograph it and upload it to whatever site you choose to sell it. We’ll even give prospective buyers a 1 year / 175,000 warranty. It’s as good as gone.

Why buy fearless

On the fear meter, buying a car used to rank up there with speaking in public or being bitten by snakes.

But we’ve fixed that (not the snakes and the public speaking, they’re still horrendous). We’ve pulled apart the old way of buying a car and totally rebuilt it. We’ve created an entirely new way to buy cars. A way where you no longer have to fear lemons or shanks or haggling. A way where you can buy fearless.

Ok, I want to buy fearless

Why sell fearless

Selling your car can be scary, what with all the haggling and hassling with people that know a whole lot more about the deal than you do. The deck is stacked against you.

Well we’ve said, “hey give us a look at that deck, it’s time for a reshuffle”.

Yep, we’ve taken that outdated, scary process and made it fearless.

Ok, I want to sell fearless

Infrequently asked questions

We’re here to make fearless happen.

If you have any fear you want us to help with (car stuff, we’re not good with spiders either) or just some good old fashioned ‘how does this actually work?’ type of questions, you might find the following answers helpful. Alternatively, just shout - our customer service is around 24/7.

1. Why is carzoos doing this?

We looked at how people have been buying and selling cars and we said ‘yikes!’

We saw a process that was completely out-of-touch with what buyers and sellers really want. And, we saw fear, lots of fear.

For buyers we saw fear of buying a lemon, fear of paying too much and fear of maybe being stuck with a car they didn’t really love.

For sellers we saw fear of not getting a good price, fear of haggling with car dealers and, fear of not being able to sell their car at all.

So we’re creating an entirely new way to buy and sell cars.

“Let’s make buying and selling a car trouble-free” someone in the office suggested. “Let’s make it worry-free” someone piped up. “No, let’s make it fearless” offered up someone. Then nobody said anything else. Then somebody said, “That’s awesome Geoff”. We had our mission.

2. What happens to my car while carzoos is selling it?

You’re totally free to keep driving it until it’s sold (which won’t be long).

While we throw your car out to our network of hungry dealers and thousands of other prospective private buyers searching for the best offer, you can keep cruising with the windows down singing along to “As long as you love me” (Come on, admit it, you’re a Belieber).

3. How do I get my new car?

The world is your oyster… well, at least you can choose how you want us to get you your car.

We deliver nation-wide. You can sit tight and we can deliver your new baby right to your home, work or we can even deliver it to your ex’s house with a note that says “Ha! All this could have been yours.”

Alternatively, you can arrange to have your new car delivered to one of our retail stores. We have retail outlets in some Westfield locations.

4. What happens if I don’t love, love, love the car I bought?

Just give, give, give it back!

When you buy a car from us, you get a 7-day money back guarantee with no questions asked (except maybe “Was that Rottweiler in it when you bought it?”)

The old way of test driving a car by doing a ‘once around the block’ seemed so nonsensical to us. How could you possibly know if you and your new car were made for each other in the 20 minutes you were together?

We thought 7 days… the world was created in 7 days - now that’s the right length of time for you to decide on a car.

5. I’ve seen a car I like, can I put a hold on it while I think about it?

For sure and too easy.

You can put a $500 deposit on any car to take it off the market for 48 hours. If you decide to not go ahead with the purchase we will refund the $500 in full.

This sounds too good to be true

The way people buy and sell cars hasn’t really changed in 100 years. Until now. Gone are the yards crammed with sheet metal. Gone are the plaid suit wearing, shonky dealers. Gone are the hassle and haggle. Carzoos retail stores are sleek, high-tech and staffed by friendly experts, not pushy dealers. We told you we were an entirely new way to buy and sell used cars.

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