What's next for car tech

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If you thought driverless cars were cutting edge, last week the New York Times wrote and article on the future of flying cars! Written by European Economic and Auto Correspondent Jack Ewing, the article analyses the transformation in the automotive industry.

Here are a few talking points we’ve taken away from the article and the rapid changes in the world of cars.

1. The tipping point for the disappearance of the internal combustion engine might be as few as five years away. Lithium is a key ingredient in rechargeable batteries for electric cars. According to a recent article in the Australian China Business Review, lithium miners in Australia and Canada are continuing to witness their shares rise.

2. Computing power inside cars is going off. Volkswagen is investing in Quantum Computing. Ewing believes we should be thinking about cars as “computers on wheels”. Coding jobs in the car industries abound! While these new advances are exciting, we can’t be too careful. SBS recently reported on the rise of deaths from owners not turning their keyless cars off properly and thus carbon monoxide poisoning. Of course we’ve all also heard about the recent accidents from self driving cars. Despite the advances, the question remains how much trust individuals will put into an automated computer to get them from A to B.

3. And yes, flying cars are on the radar! Aeromobil in Slovakia just introduced a design for a battery-powered flying car that will be able to land and take off vertically as well as drive on roads. They’re developing one with an internal combustion engine as well, which they predict to be available as soon as 2020. Airbus is creating a battery powered passenger pod called a “Pop Up” that looks like a “large hobby drone”. The future of flying cars is very up in the air, and this article from The Verge states we shouldn’t even call them flying cars and rather “a bunch of different stuff that flies.”

With much to consider and so many unknowns, Carzoos is glued to the latest news! We can’t wait for the latest updates!