Obama and the BEAST

2009 cadillac one 1

When it comes to protective vehicles there is reportedly nothing more enduring than President Obama's wheels.

The most recent vehicle to be customised as the presidential car is a Chevrolet Kodiak-based, Cadillac-badged limousine often referred to as Cadillac One (a reference to the presidential aircraft - Air Force One).


Its armour plating is said to be 8+ inches thick with its doors weighing as much as those on a Boeing 757. The windows are a staggering 5 inches think, enough to repel some seriously heavy gunfire. The tyres are Kevlar reinforced run flats. Pop the boot and you will find firefighting equipment, oxygen tanks and even a cache of the President’s blood type - for transfusions on the run.

When you're as influential and powerful as the President of the United States, a vehicle this excessive is justified.