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This week Tesla says they will release to the public the company’s cheapest electric car, the Model Three.

The electric car company has a strong reputation with four models released since the company began fourteen years ago: The Roadster, The Model S, The Model X and now the Model Three. The latest is the most affordable and likely most popular seller starting at $35,000 USD or $46,000 AUD. According to an article from Carbuyer.co there are around 400,000 deposits already placed.

Elon Musk took to Twitter stating that the Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule and a ‘handover party’ for the first 30 Model 3 customers would take place on 28 July.

With a reimagined cabin layout, it seats five adults comfortably. Like to the model S it has front and rear boots giving it more room for storage. It goes from zero to 100 km in under six seconds and can drive a minimum of 345 km between each charge. Styled by Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen, it’s sleek and has no grill, (as it has no exhaust) at least according to its preproduction release. A central touchscreen controls the speedometer, tachometer and petrol gauge and the rest of the car.

Tesla M3

The release of the latest and most affordable vehicle is in line with Musk’s fascinating Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan which is, in short,

  1. Build sports car
  2. Use that money to build an affordable car
  3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car
  4. While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options
  5. Don't tell anyone.

According to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Volkswagen, the world’s biggest automaker, wants to start delivering standalone battery-powered models in 2020. Volkswagen has just signed off on on the final design of their electric vehicle. Not just Volkswagen but also Cheverolet is also in the running with the Volt which, while not yet completely electric like the Model 3, is ahead of the Prius in car sales according to this article at Hybridcars.com.

These new models are significant in the phasing out of gasoline powered vehicles. The future of autos has never been so interesting, innovative or environmentally friendly.

Model 3 unveiling
Model 3 unveiling