Good Green News for Earth Day

Solar panels

Earth day arrives every year on 22nd of April, and its approach is a great excuse for Carzoos to cover the green scene! We love learning about the latest innovations happening around the planet, especially when some of those ideas help preserve said planet!

Sometimes thinking about the future of earth can make you feel a bit blue, but remember, good green things are regularly happening! For example, Toyota has plans to roll out 10 new electric vehicles by 2020, and Apple is now powered 100% by renewable energy.

Check out these three great green stories!

Uber Buys Electric Bike Company

According to NYT, Uber announced that the mega ridesharing company had reached an agreement with a battery powered bicycle provider called Jump. Jump began nearly a decade ago in New York City, and now not only do they have dockless technology, but also they feature the “e-assist” which is an electric boost to help you pedal and ride up hills. According to Jump’s website, they’ve dropped 15,000 bikes into 40 different markets and clocked over 5 million rides over the past 4 years. Their new deal with Uber allows Uber users to select a bike option in their drop down menu, as research demonstrates that cyclists and Uber rides usually travel the similar distances.

Banning Plastic Bags Makes A Splash

In the last year, many businesses across Australia have begun banning plastic bags, but some Aussies have been skeptical about its effectiveness. Well, the results are in from our friends in the UK, and they look promising! Since Brits started charging 5p for plastic bags, throw-away plastic bag usage has plummeted by 85%! That’s fantastic news when you learn how plastic is overrunning our planet (see video above). Perhaps we’ll see the same results in Australia.

Bright days ahead in Saudi Arabia

Popular Mechanics recently published an article about a MASSIVE project being considered in Saudi Arabia which would build the largest solar farm in the world. It would be 400 times larger than the current largest solar panel farm on earth, India’s Kamuthi! The SoftBank solar project is a collaboration between the Saudi government and a Japanese conglomerate, and if the $200 billion project goes ahead, it will triple Saudi Arabia’s energy production, create 100,000 jobs and generate 200 gigawatts of power! Wowsa!

These are just a few positive ways governments and businesses are using their power to make the world better, and we love it. What green, fearless, fabulous way will you celebrate Earth Day?