Simple Tips For Holiday Driving

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Wherever you're going, you can make the trip easier for you and your car by doing a few simple things before you leave. And you don't have to spend a fortune on servicing or parts.

Start with a clean slate

Give your car a good wash and polish to protect it against the elements, like UV rays and surf salt. Clean up the interior by getting rid of junk like papers, clothing, kids' toys – all that stuff that just hangs around. A clean car inside and out simply feels better to travel in.

Clear your view

Car windows are so often neglected. Interior glass can build up a light, cloudy film caused by chemicals released by the upholstery. Use a dry cloth with a little window cleaner and give the interior glass a good clean (but take it easy if your car has tinting). You'll be surprised at the difference. If you're in the mood, give the exterior glass a good polish too.

Feel the pressure

Correct tyre pressure makes such a difference to ride comfort, fuel economy, tread wear and tear, plus handling and braking safety. It takes just 5 minutes to pump up your tyres to the right pressure (and don't forget the spare!) but it can make a world of difference on a holiday trip. And if you don't know your correct pressure, look for the sticker inside the front door panel area, or check your owner’s manual in the glove box. Too easy.