Moment brings fearless innovation to photographers everywhere

Moment lens

The startup Moment takes an iPhone and gives it the equipment to make all iPhone users professional photographers. Particularly useful for people who love travel and adventure, it’s a Kickstarter initiative, and their fearless motivation is something we can get behind.

Founded just over three years ago, the Seattle-based initiative have hustled to raise money for a variety of lenses and accessories to make small changes in the way you take photos on your phone. These small changes make a world of difference when it comes to how the photograph is viewed. According to a Seattle Times article, every product that the company has released was crowd-funded. They host live videos on their Kickstarter pages showing the detail of the product development.

Comparing the same composition with and without the Moment lens

Fearless products of theirs allow photographers to take “take better photos faster”, and while their products seem pretty rad, their pictures are what truly do the talking. Check out Lookbook, where you can travel with Moment photographers and videographers take off road tripping to beautiful places on pretty days. Their Less Malls More Mountains Lookbook will have you ready to find some snow as winter approaches in Australia.

The Moment lens in action

Their products will soon expand to include a new wide angle lens and cases. According to a Geekwire article, their momentum for earlier products is growing faster than their latest Kickstarter lineup, something they never would have predicted.

The startup and its fearless founder are constantly evolving. By using Kickstarter, Moment was able to make sure it was creating a product that people would actually want to buy.