Five tips for teen drivers

Averie woodard 111828

After you’ve answered your kid’s prayers and helped him buy his first car, you’re probably learning to deal with not knowing where he is at all times. Here’s a fabulous list of tips for new drivers that can put both you and your teen at ease, inspired by the website Recombu.

1. Find out what all the buttons in your car do. Don’t just jump in your new car and drive away. Learn what every single lever and knob does. Do you know where your fog lights are? Do you know how to turn on your windshield wipers? Can you adjust your mirror?

2. Practice checking your blind spots and make sure you’re completely aware of what you can and can’t see. Remember that every driver out there has a blind spot just like you do, so don’t just check yours, remember your car could also be in someone else’s blind spot.

3. Remember on double lane roads where the speed limit is over 80km/hr, the left lane is for maintaining speed, and the right lane is for passing. In some states like NSW, if you are driving at a slow speed in the right lane, you could even get fined!

4. Turn the volume down. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favourite song of all time, and it never comes on the radio, another good song will be on shortly. Playing with the volume and changing stations is a surefire way to get distracted. On that note (pun intended), this should go without saying but DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!

5. Be extra careful and focused when your mates are in the car. This might be the most challenging one. Everyone knows how cool it is to drive a car, and the number one reason you wanted a car was probably to cruise around with your friends. But this doesn’t mean you need to show off. Speeding and donuts are all fun and games until you get a hefty speeding ticket and a suspended license, or worse, someone gets hurt.