Five podcasts to get you rolling

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Podcasts are changing road-trip audio entertainment, and unlike radio, you don’t even need good reception to enjoy them.

It’s an interesting phenomenon that these little auditory stories, often started by one or two individuals, are making waves across the internet. The cool thing about them is they can be as mainstream or as niche as you like. Popular radio programs are now available in podcast form, as is your mates’ cousin’s podcast on squirrels. You can find podcasts on video game music and you can find podcasts on chamomile tea.

Here are five podcasts to consider downloading if you’re into cars, innovation and technology, like us.

Car Talk

This long-running award-winning American radio talk show has entertained yanks for yonks. For years a zany pair of Boston-based brothers affectionately known as Click and Clack took calls from listeners experiencing car troubles. They retired in 2012, which means you’ll have to expect an expiration date on the cars they’re discussing, but this doesn’t make them any less entertaining. Listen to their podcasts here:


If you’re as into the news from Silicon Valley as we are, check out the latest trends and tricks from Brian Ardinger and Josh Berry. Josh is a consultant, teacher and co-founder of Econic, passionate about helping organizations execute on innovation. Brian is a consultant, international innovation specialist, economic developer and researcher. The two look at news on innovation and startups both inside and outside of the Silicon Valley. Listen to the podcast here:

This Week In Tech

“Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech,” their catchy slogan reads. Hosted by American broadcaster, author, entrepreneur Leo Laporte, the show has nearly 700,000 subscribers and is recorded every Sunday. Listen and you’ll hear debates and discussions around the week’s technology headlines. They are known to get entertainingly off topic, and feature guests from a range of backgrounds. Listen to the podcast here:

The Autoblog Podcast

If you live and breathe automobiles, this podcast has a new episode each week and is one of the most credible in the industry. With over 500 podcasts in total, it strives to report on only the best, from Cadillacs to Nissan Leafs (Leaves?). Hosted by its editor-in-chief, Greg Migliore, The Autoblog Podcast is Great for the ears of auto enthusiasts everywhere Listen to the podcasts here:

Mind & Machine

For the futuristic thinkers, this podcast sits at the forefront of transformational technologies. It’s not just about “things”, either. The podcast also looks at the impacts from rapid changes in our world be they sociological, moral or philosophical. Educate yourself on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Space Exploration, Life Extension, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, BioTech and Transhumanism. Listen to the podcast here: