Stars and their cars

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It’s fair to guess that the top ten most well-paid athletes probably have a few toys (cars) that they keep in their garage. But not all athletes have expensive tastes. Here’s a list of American sports heros who drive sexy second-hand-sedans. Then again Argentinian football player Lionel Messi owns a Prius which nicely complements his 32-million-dollar Ferrari.

From luxurious to low budget, this list of stars and their cars will give you a sticky beak into how the golfers, the ballers, the cricketers and even those rugby league-ers get around when they’e off the clock. (Please note, some of these articles were published a few years ago and they may have upgraded since then.)

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It’s fun to imagine what kind of car you would drive if you were a famous athlete. Some fancy cars just tend to be popular with the athletically inclined, and some players just pour their entire salaries into cars like Portugese soccer star Cristaino Ranaldo. Regardless of what they do, here at Carzoos, we’re just happy to watch from the the sidelines, literally!