What We're About

Carzoos is about putting the fun back in to used car buying. Like a kid in a candy store, we're about the excitement you feel when searching for your perfect match. But most importantly, we're about making used car buying as stress free as new car buying.

You know that little niggle of doubt you get when buying a used car? Well forget about it. Carzoos has been created to change the way we feel about buying used cars. To kill that niggle, forever. At Carzoos we believe in a world where you can't get it wrong. 

The Carzoos Happiness Guarantee

Carzoos Happiness Guarantee

That's why we've created the Carzoos Happiness Guarantee. Every one of our cars comes with a 120 Point Safety Check, Carzoos Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Carzoos Fixed Price Servicing and the kicker, our 48hr Moneyback Guarantee. So if within 48 hours you don't love your car, just give it back. No questions, no grief. In fact, the only thing we’ll give you is a $100 fuel voucher. And your money back.

We've taken all the stress out of buying a used car. So when you deal with Carzoos, you simply can’t get it wrong.

The Carzoos Steps to Happiness

This is how it works. You search on your laptop, phone or tablet. You choose from over 1000 quality used vehicles, and the car is delivered to your nearest Carzoos dealership to view, with no obligation to purchase. You're offered a great price and the Carzoos Happiness Guarantee, so you love the car or your money back. It's that simple. No bad outcomes, no regrets, just happy drivers. It's used car buying you can't get wrong.

A.P. Eagers Group

Each accredited Carzoos Dealership is a part of the A.P. Eagers Group, a Queensland based automotive powerhouse that has been helping Aussies get mobile since 1913. That's right, we're over 100 years old! The A.P. Eagers Group is a progressive company, with an extensive network of almost 100 dealerships. We run a group of new and used car sales, service, parts and automotive financing businesses, employing over 3,100 Aussies across the country.

The A.P. Eagers Group is a member of the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame, with a proud history and an exciting future. A big part of that future is Carzoos, a unique network of used car sales centres that is changing the way people purchase used vehicles. The A.P. Eagers Group is committed to evolving in line with the changing needs of our customers, and Carzoos is testament to this.

With this kind of might behind you, there’s no way you can get it wrong!